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Tokyo • Kamata English Music School : Piano, Violin, Jazz


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Adult Piano


Did you play piano as a child and would like to start playing again?

Or would you like to learn piano for the very first time?


It’s never too late to start playing and enjoying the piano. You don’t have to be a famous concert pianist in order to have fun playing the piano. Our philosophy here at JIMS is for our students to have fun playing music from the very first lesson. I have a lot of experience teaching adults of all ages and levels and can work with people who are interested in almost any style of music including classical, jazz and popular. I try to incorporate the music that my students like in to each lesson. I also try to come up with a lesson plan to help meet the individual goals and needs of each student. Some people just want to play the piano for fun and relaxation for 15-30 minutes a day while some may want to become a professional musician. Here at JIMS we can help you meet your goal no matter what it is. 


How would you like a chance to use your English in a real situation on a regular basis?


Kill 2 birds with 1 stone! 


Most of the adult students at our school prefer lessons to be taught either completely in English or with a mix of English and Japanese. The reason is because they want to learn music but also want a chance to practice their English. Whether you are already fluent in English or whether you can’t speak English at all we can offer you a lesson that will fit your desires. 


We have private lessons group lessons at various times throughout the week to fit your busy schedule.

Please sign up for a free trial lesson to see if English piano lessons are right for you!





Private Lessons

Fixed Schedule

3 lesson per month(30min)¥12,800

3 lessons per month(40min)¥16,900

Flex Plan (Weekdays until 15:00 or after 19:00)

2 lessons per month(40min)¥11,300

2 lessons per month(60min)¥15,300


One time Sign-up Fee ¥12,000


Sign-up Fee ¥11,300


※45-minute trial lesson is available for ¥3000

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