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Tokyo • Kamata English Music School : Piano, Violin, Jazz


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”Without knowing the names of any chords I began taking jazz piano lessons about 2 years ago. In each lesson I would choose a song that I like and my teacher would help me come up with my own arrangement of the song. We'd start out with the original song but by the end it would become a really fresh new arrangement. I have gradually built up my own repertoire that I have arranged and I really look forward to each lesson.

Also, about 1 year ago I signed up for a piano ensemble with 2 other students. We divide the 3 main parts, melody, bass and harmony and perform together as an ensemble. Although it's fun to play by myself it is so much more fun to play as a trio. My world of music and my circle of friends has expanded. I am really happy to have encountered something that I can get so involved with as an adult. Thank you very much Jacob-sensei!”

K.H. (piano teacher)




"Jacob-sensei is really nice and his piano playing is so cool. I want to become a piano teacher just like Jacob-sensei. I also want to perform and release CD's like Jacob-sensei."  H.K.(5 years old)




"At first I was planning on taking trial lessons from a few different teachers but because of Jacob's amazing performance and his and his wife's gentle nature I decided to go with their school without taking any more trial lessons. My son and I love the way Jacob plays "Ponyo" and Hikaru likes to brag to his friends in Kindergarten about his teacher.

Getting a chance to perform with a professional bassist and drummer was so much fun for my son that he begs me everyday to call his name like they did at the recital.

Hikaru gets a lot of inspiration to practice from watching Jacob's gigs and concerts. I also really look forward to his weekly lesson. My husband also really looks forward to seeing Hikaru's progress on his day off."  H.K.'s mother






About piano lessons:

"I am so happy to be able to take piano lessons from a professional pianist that I highly respect. In the lessons I learn all kinds of things from theory to arranging to improvising while studying not only jazz but all types of genre from popular to classical music."

About piano ensemble:

"The fun of making music together as a trio, listening to the other pianists style of improvising, being motivated to practice, and feeling a good sense of nervousness is so much fun. It is so interesting to feed off each other and gradually see the music come together." S.T. (house-wife)














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